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National Museum of Australia

Aug 17

About National Museum of Australia

Living in a world with so much history, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed. The National Museum of Australia strives for nothing less than bringing the stories and items from all over this beautiful country into one cohesive narrative-a story worth telling!

Our museum offers an immersive experience where you can get up close & personal while learning more about what has shaped us as Australians today--the diverse cultures that make up our identity; how they've interacted along different periods, such as dispute resolution or hunting skills using weapons like knives & guns respectively). There are also displays dedicated specifically toward European settlement, which explore both good times.


What to do in National Museum of Australia

The items in the National Museum of Australia are compelling not only because they remind us about our country's rich history but also through their use as evidence for what life was like during different periods. From ancient ruins to today’s artifacts and artwork, it is easy see how interactions with indigenous Australians changed over time while European settlement went from being rebelliousness into something more positive - all without forgetting those who suffered under slavery or oppression elsewhere around the world .

The National Historical Collection at the Australian museum includes over 210,000 objects. This vast amount focuses on three themes: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Australian history since 1788 when European settlement began in this country- as well as interactions between people with our natural environment! 

The objects in this gallery are a fascinating insight into Australian history. They're not all from our modern day; some date back hundreds or even thousands of years! Take your time exploring them and learn something new every visit - I bet you'll never look at an antique differently again after seeing these items used by Aboriginals today.

The museum

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