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Symbio Wildlife Park

Aug 28

About Symbio Wildlife Park

If you're looking for a day trip from Sydney that will provide plenty of outdoor green spaces and areas for picnics, then Symbio Wildlife Park is the perfect destination. Alongside their large Splash Park (with water slide!), there are also lots more fun activities at this animal-filled park, like an agility course designed just for kids! It's only minutes away by car or train transport - which means all your friends can come to visit too :)

When you visit the Symbio Wildlife Park, not only can you meet and interact with Australian animals like Koalas and Kangaroos but also exotic ones such as Alligators! The location is just 40 minutes drive from Sydney Airport, so it’s easy for people who are travelling on their own trip or coming here to spend time during vacation. There are 16 acres of manicured gardens that house native wildlife in addition to spacious grounds where many different types of reptiles live too - including crocodiles-, which make this place an ultimate destination if you're interested in adventure outdoors.


What to do in Symbio Wildlife Park

Head to the farmyard for some animal-themed fun! Head over kangaroo walk-through area, feed all sorts of Australian animals or watch as they are fed by you. If that's not enough, then take part in interactive shows where you can pat their furry backsides (additional cost). What better way to spend a hot day than at the new Symbio splash park? With water fountains, dump buckets and all sorts of fun features, there's no shortage of entertainment for everyone! The new Symbio splash park is an awesome place to take your children during the warmer months.

The kids will have a blast playing in this huge playground! There are slides, a ball pit and so much more to enjoy. And it's not just for children either-adults can also take their break from sightseeing under one of our shelter roofs while they cool off with some refreshing splashes about.


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