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How to Choose the Best Solar Companies in Tampa FL

Sep 8

When you're trying to choose the best solar companies that are located in Tampa, Florida, you should consider more than the price. You need to research their experience, policies and experience prior to making a decision. It is important to consider whether the company is familiar with Florida construction law including solar tax credits, interconnection policies, safety regulations and the best methods for installing solar systems. In addition to these vital factors, a company's warranty is an essential consideration. If a business offers a solid warranty, that means they believe in their products and workmanship and stand behind their work.

Blue Raven

Solar energy is an alternative that is green to traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels. It is renewable and can result in a massive savings for homeowners. A lot of states offer net metering, which permits users of solar panels to collect money for excess solar energy. One firm that provides solar energy system installations includes Blue Raven Solar, located in Tampa, Florida. The company has been operating for more than 18 years, and it focuses on providing excellent customer service and high-quality products at affordable prices.

Blue Raven Solar is a BBB accredited business, and it has better ratings from customers than other solar firms. Over the past three years, the company has received 99 complaints. Of those, 55 were resolved. The majority of Blue Raven's customers are pleased with its professionalism. Some have credited the company as having helped clients qualify for tax incentives. Blue Raven has a six-step installation process.

Blue Raven Solar offers a comprehensive warranty and productivity guarantee. This warranty covers the solar panels, installation costs as well as any technical issues. In addition, it guarantees the energy production of the solar system for two years. In case the system fails to produce what it is promised to produce, Blue Raven will install another one for no additional cost.

Blue Raven Solar offers financing options for solar panels and also offers exclusive benefits. Blue Raven Solar can assist customers to obtain solar credits, and provide 18 months of free solar energy, and pay utility companies with monthly payments. Blue Raven Solar also offers the most innovative solar financing program - BluePower Plus+. The innovative plan for financing solar combines the best features of a third-party own solar lease P.P.A. or solar lease. It comes with a fixed rate for 5 years. This guarantees a lower energy bill than original rates.

Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar is a Florida-based solar energy company that has an excellent reputation for its quality as well as customer support. It has 25-year-old panels and a 10-year installation warranty. Additionally, it provides financing for solar panel upgrades as well as batteries, which help homeowners save money on electricity costs. Furthermore, it provides energy-efficient home improvements, including repairs for roof leaks as well as pest inspections.

Palmetto Solar is among the top 10 largest solar companies in the US. It offers high-quality equipment, which includes some of the most sought-after residential solar panelsas well as batteries that are strong and durable. They also offer warranties that are comparable to the best. They also provide more details about the products and services they offer than many solar companies.

Palmetto does not list the average price per installation, but it provides an upfront estimate of cost for various options, including solar panel systems and even solar power panels. This estimate requires the homeowner to provide a physical address, a monthly electric bill, as well as an solar irradiance diagram.

Palmetto Solar is the best solar energy provider located in Tampa FL because it offers excellent service and attention. They take care of the complicated paperwork associated with permitting, schedule installation dates, and also activate solar systems. Additionally, they offer Protect Plan services as well as an extended warranty of 25 years for the panels and products.

Palmetto Solar offers custom solar systems. The company's experienced solar experts will consult with the homeowner in determining the type of solar panel that is the best power source for their home. They also take into consideration the roof's design. They also offer four different types of solar plans: leasingplans, purchasing and loan options. Customers have the option of choosing solar panels from top brands including SunPower.


Momentum Solar is one of the fastest-growing solar companies across the nation. With over 2,000 employees nationwide This owner-operated business offers homeowners affordable energy choices. They manage every aspect of the process, which includes engineering, custom designs, permitting, installation, and activation. The goal of the company is to become a world-class solar energy firm and give homeowners low-cost energy choices.

Momentum Solar offers seven types of solar panels. They'll create a system the perfect fit for your needs. They'll look at your energy consumption along with the style of your roof, and the efficiency of the panels to ensure that you get the most benefit from your solar panels. They also offer four solar plans with financing as well as leasing and loans offered to meet your financial needs. They also help you apply to receive solar rebates in Florida as well as through the federal government.

The Momentum solar app makes it easy for customers to keep track of the process of installing. Users can also monitor the status of their system's installation in real time, view important dates on an event calendar, and adjust their installation schedule if necessary. The company also offers solar battery storage to assist customers during low solar accumulation times, or complete power outages.

Momentum Solar also offers financing options. The company's customer-focused philosophy ensures you're up-to-date through every step of the process. The company will assist you to know what equipment you require as well as guide users through the common issues. Their solar financing rates competitive will make it easier for homeowners to make the transition to solar.

Solar energy systems aren't costly, and you might be eligible to receive a tax deduction if you sell excess energy back to your utility company. However, you should compare several companies before you choose an solar energy system. In addition to saving money solar systems can also enhance the value of your house. Additionally, Florida does not charge additional property taxes when solar systems are fitted on homes.

Leo Solar Power

Leo Solar Power is a family-owned businessthat believes in providing an easy and efficient process for their customers. Additionally, the company is an active member of the Tampa Bays Business and Professional Women's Group and appreciates its female business owners.

The company has over 20 years of experience in the field of solar and has installed solar systems on thousands of commercial and residential properties in Tampa and the surrounding regions. They offer top quality solar products that are tier one and come with an assurance of 25 years for their products. This means that the most reliable solar companies will be able to save you money in the long run.

When you are looking for the most reliable solar firm in Tampa, it's important to be aware of the net metering policy of your utility and renewable energy incentives. While some utilities require the payment of a fee for net metering, many Florida power companies provide incentives and rebates for solar energy systems.

Leo Solar Power is a business that offers one of the most extensive solar plans and has completed more than 500 installations. Their goal is to help you save money while reducing the carbon footprint of your home. Tampa FL is known for plenty of sunlight, which is why the installation of solar panels can drastically reduce your utility bill.


If you're in the market to purchase solar panel, battery, or even Brightbox solution within Tampa, FL, look for Sunrun Solar. They're the most prestigious residential solar provider across the U.S., and they'll make the process as simple as is possible thanks to their knowledgeable team of solar experts.

Sunrun offers flexible financing options, including lease and PPA. Customers can choose to pay by cash or monthly installments. They can even lease their solar panel for as long as 25 years. Alongside a range types of finance options, they offer two different battery options, Brightbox Pro and Brightbox Pro. Both come with 10-year manufacturer warranties, are engineered so that they are more energy efficient and have a higher lifespan over traditional batteries. The Brightbox battery system also has an array of apps to help you to monitor your system's performance.

If you're in search of Solar panel finance, Sunrun can provide a number of different payment options, including zero-down and monthly leases. Additionally, they will help you with permits and installation. Their proprietary design process enables them to build the perfect residential solar panel. They also have backup batteries for emergency power as well as help in the keeping excess energy in storage.

Sunrun also offers estimates for solar systems and sends a team out at your house to inspect the electrical panels on your roof and electrical panel. They'll even help you find an installer for solar, should you not have one already. The firm has been operating since 2012 and has more than 242,000 customers nationwide.

If you're in search of solar energy services in Tampa FL, you've come to the right spot. Sunrun Solar has earned a reputation as the most prestigious residential solar company throughout the U.S., and their Tampa FL solar service team will make the process as straightforward as possible. They have solar experts who are available round all hours to address your inquiries.

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