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Concrete Driveway Guidance

Oct 7


The quality of your driveway will depend on how it is constructed. A driveway replacement's long history in concrete driveway construction has taught us that careful attention to detail is key to delivering the high-quality results we are known for.


These are the steps to creating a beautiful concrete driveway.


Depending on your project, the time required to build your driveway will vary. A concrete replacement driveway in new port Richey fl can be completed in a few days. Additional curing time will mean that your driveway may not be ready for use for two weeks. We will work with you to create a schedule that works for you.


Demolition of an Old Driveway 

After we have evaluated the project and signed a contract with the property owner, demolition of the driveway is the first stage. We use wheel or tracked loaders to remove the old driveway and load it into dump trucks for transport to a recycling center. If necessary, we may use jackhammers to begin demolition.


Preparation for the Sub-Base 

The foundation underneath any driveway is critical to its longevity. It is made of aggregate materials and must be thick enough to support the driveway. Concrete is strong and may work well with the sub-base left from an old driveway. We will grade it and compact it if necessary. After removing any contaminated or poor materials, we will place and compact new aggregate. The soil conditions on the site will play a significant role. Proper drainage is also an important consideration when grading and compacting the sub-base.



Forms will be used to create concrete driveways. After determining drainage requirements and establishing the final grade, forms will be placed around driveway edges. A grid reinforcement bar, designed to give the paving tensile strength, is next installed. The driveway is completed by taking final measurements.


Concrete Ordered 

We order a specific mix of concrete to be delivered on the date we have arranged for paving. The Minnesota climate is ideal for our Titan 5000 concrete mix. For maximum durability, the Titan 5000 mix features durable fiberglass rebar with micros fibers.


Concrete driveways are built to last with a high-quality PSI and grade-A rock for better rock-popping performance. The concrete driveways in Tampa Cities and surrounding communities are durable and reliable thanks to this specially-formulated mix. It also includes an integral sealer that reduces peeling and provides moisture protection.


Concrete Pouring & Leveling 

When concrete trucks arrive, it's time for the crew to get to work. Concrete is placed into the forms starting from the garage and moving towards the street. There are many options for how the concrete is set depending on the site. Sometimes, this may include pumping the concrete mix. Our crews begin leveling the concrete as it is being poured. This process is called "screeding".


Concrete Finishing 

The concrete sets very quickly, so it is easy to finish the job soon. The previously screeded surface can be further smoothed using a combination of power and hand tools. Another step is to trowel driveway edges carefully and trowel control joints. The final step if you have ordered an exposed aggregate finish is to wash off any cement. This will reveal the aggregate, resulting in a pebbly finish. Workers can create a broomed look by using brooms to roughen concrete surfaces at the correct stage artistically.



After the concrete has been installed, we apply a curing agent. This reduces water loss and leaves concrete that is stronger and more attractive after 30 days. Concrete must cure for 7-10 days before it can be used. Concrete sets quickly, but it is still fragile once fully cured. It's essential to keep pets and people off the concrete surface until it is fully set. Foot traffic can leave permanent marks if it isn't already. The first few days following pouring. Workers will clean up the area and remove the forms after the initial set. During the curing period, any control joints or cuts will be made.

Waiting before Use

Although the time it takes to drive or park on your driveway will depend on temperature, most driveways can be accessed in 7-10 days. Before you drive or park on the driveway, the concrete must have time to cure properly. When the driveway is constructed, we will inform you about the waiting period. Concrete can usually be driven on in 7 days.