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Extending the Life of Your Asphalt Paving New Albany, Indiana

Feb 11

Has your asphalt paved seen its better days? Southern Indiana Asphalt Paving in New Albany, Indiana, is your go-to source for quality and dependable asphalt repairs! We specialize in paving with expert analysis, advice, and lasting repairs; we're committed to providing driveway and parking lot owners with the best possible service in New Albany, Indiana. We strive to meet the highest standards in the asphalt paving industry. Our materials are of the highest quality, and we carefully choose our employees for their expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail. We handle every job with the utmost care and precision.


Proper Installation of Asphalt Paving New Albany, Indiana


The key to successful and lasting asphalt pavement is proper installation. At our Asphalt Paving New Albany, Indiana, we have local expertise and knowledge, which is essential to a proper installation. We understand the weather patterns, soil conditions, and traffic patterns in New Albany and consider all of that when it comes to your asphalt job.


Before installing a new Driveway Paving New Albany, we take several necessary steps to ensure the best possible results. We excavate the area to remove loose soil, debris, or existing pavement. Next, we check the soil structure and compaction levels to ensure we work on a stable surface. We then check for existing drainage systems and grade the area as necessary to have proper drainage.


We use three-inch thick asphalt pavement to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Once the pre-installation steps are complete, our professional crew will lay down the sub-base material, the asphalt layer, and any additional aggregate for the job. After installing markings or curbs, compact the area to finish the job.


Maintenance Tips for Asphalt Paving New Albany, Indiana


After installing asphalt paving, you should take a few steps to ensure it remains in good condition for years to come. Regular cleaning of your driveway or parking lot will help remove debris and weeds that can damage the surface and promote the growth of mold and mildew.


Weed control is also essential to keep the surface safe and free from weed overgrowth. Mulch and other natural weed killers help to prevent weeds from taking root, while herbicides can help to eradicate any existing weeds.


Sealing-coat your asphalt pavement every 2-3 years is also essential. Seal-coating helps to fill the tiny cracks that can appear over time and keep the surface looking new. It also helps to protect the pavement from the elements, like sun and rain, which can cause the asphalt to break down and wear away.




At Southern Indiana Asphalt Paving, our Paving Contractor New Albany understands that your driveway or parking lot is an investment and wants to help you keep it in top condition as long as possible. Our commitment to quality materials, local expertise and knowledge, and professional technicians will ensure you get the best results for your Parking Lot Paving New Albany, Indiana job. For superior quality and excellent service for your asphalt paving needs, contact Southern Indiana Asphalt Paving today. Hire our Asphalt Company New Albany!


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